Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Visiting the Archibald

The Archibald price is Australia’s premiere portrait prize, most notable for controveries. This year the collection have travelled south to the Tawa Wara Museum of Art, near Healesville, within Victoria’s Yarra valley. So it was an easy decision to make a day of it and have a look at the original art work. The exhibition only has a week to go and if you haven’t been its well worth the trip. The Tara Warra Gallery itself is worthy of the visit,The gallery design was selected by a competition, with Allan Powell's elegant design the winner and it is set beautifully atop a hill surrounded by vineyards.


lake pano big-1

I should have realised when I took the Dandenong Creek panorama, which I was very disappointed with at the time and inspired the series of comparative posts, that poor resolution of that image was really a function of the camera’s own in-phone panoramic feature. I would have been much better off to take multiple overlapping cameraphone images and use autostitch (as I have done above)

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