Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Persistent Rumors around Picasa


There are persistent rumors that Google is about to rebrand Blogger & Picasa, and bring them into their new social networking offering Google+

Will this make a difference to those already using Picasa, or Blogger I hope not. We will just have to wait and see. The possibility of instant upload of photos and videos from phones & cameras has been mentioned in a few reviews. Sounds far fetched?

Open-mouthed smileMaybe not, you take your photo or video and then there it is on the net automatically, ready to share.


Confused smileHas it already been snared and ridiculed, before you realize what has happened?

Google are rolling out the New Google+ slowly to select user. presumably to avoid another Buzz style anti-climax. Here is the official site where you can apply for an invite.

BE WARNED there are already scammers offering fake Google+ invites (and phishing your details in the process) or charging for fictitious invites that aren’t real anyway and the invites are free (see link above), You just have to get on the list and be patient

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