Thursday, July 21, 2011

Comparing a Cameraphone & DSLR III

21072011(002)IMAG0038IMGP858419072011(003)IMAG0013IMGP8444Nokia 6120 classicHTC Wildfire (an android phone)Pentax 20D19072011(001)IMAG0009IMGP8440
2.0 mega pixel 5.0 mega pixel 14.6 mega pixel
Nokia 6120 classic
HTC Wildfire
Pentax 20d DLSR
My research into what differences between cameraphones continue in this series, and now there is a new smartphone (an HTC wildfire) with a 5 mega pixel camera in the middle. I was looking for a suspected colour bias and saturation, and the tendency to overexpose. All three issues are present to some extent in the cameraphone images and at the same time those photos are adequate as records. In other words having a cameraphone is way better than no photo at all. If you want a really good photo use a Digital SLR. If you just want a record a cameraphone is fine, and they are improving a lot.
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