Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Way of Importing into Picasa

Apparently I didn’t give enough detail on how I actually set up my normal Picasa import in my previous 3 step dance post. So here is just the import step in a little more detail. You don’t need to follow my settings exactly but your should get the idea that I am trying to make it KISS (Keep It Simple S…). 9 times out of 10 imports I will just leave the setting as they are just press Import all button.
image1.1 The Import from selection bar, should automatically select the drive slot that your SD card is inserted into  ( H: in my case). My wife prefers to load her images directly from the camera using imagea USB cable and I occasionally load from my mobile phone that way. In this case you should see the name of the camera or the phone in the drop down list. If you don’t see any thumbnails of your new photos displayed below this bar you should check that you have selected the right input source.
1.2 The exclude duplicates check box, is very useful because it will avoid having duplicate copies of your photos clogging up your computer.
1.3 The directory naming conventions you wish to use are really up to you. I decided long ago that a Fullscreen capture 21042011 20032 PMchronological system was best for me. I keep each days photos in a separate directory and use the default DD-MM-YYYY format for the sub-directory name within the My Pictures directory. I use the date taken rather than Todays Date (the date loaded) and the date is actually written in the reverse format YYYY-MM-DD which nicely sorts the directories “numerically” accenting order.
1.4 The way images on the card areFullscreen capture 21042011 20032 PM treated after uploaded photos are copied to your computer is set in the final drop down selector (after Copy). By setting this to delete only copied photos you will ensure you card is cleaned up but only those files copied will be deleted (usually this would leave the duplicate files or file you have de-selected from the upload)
1.5 The only step I actually need to do is click on Import All button at the bottom of the import screen, because I just leave the setting above as my default settings.
imageBecause you are removing files from the SD card after they are uploaded you will get a “are you really sure” type message to check that picasa can removed the imported files from you card when it has finished the imported. This seems unnecessary, of course that is what you selected, but do check the message just incase you accidentally asked for everything to be deleted from the card


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