Saturday, April 30, 2011

Now Truly mobile

Blogger has been updated in several ways. Prompting me to finally to look at updating my template (at last many might say) to take advantage of more screen real estate available on most computers these days. There is also imagesomething I have been wanting for some time Mobile Phone templates, that automatically reformats this blog to fit on the smaller screens when access via a smart phone, or alternatively use the QR code above to set the link directly into your phone. The layout insert on the left shows and example of the typical mobile screen. Whilst a few post might display thumbnail photos, in most cases you will need to click on the large > (chevron bracket) on the right to see the photos.

After a short play around with the new templates, I decided they all made my previous posts look terrible. So I might just investigate a more customised approach. So watch this space for some gradual changes

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