Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tripper Map App

If you like and use flickr, why not have a look through their APP Garden, Its a place you'll find home grown applications created by Flickr members (like you!) using the Flickr API. The garden continues to flourish so go forth and frolic amongst the apps! Like Iphone apps there is a lot to waste your time on but there are some great creations and it worth an occasional wander around.

If you follow my geotagging threads you will know I don’t really like Yahoo maps and prefer to work off google earth. Well Mark Zemen (a kiwi traveller) has produce a wonderful app called Trippermap, which basically lets you geotag in flickr using google earth. Yet it does a lot more. including showing your trips in flash maps for your website or blog (see example below and the small side map & slideshow down under geotagging on the right) or browse you photos from with google earth. This is a really great tool for travellers.

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