Saturday, May 29, 2010

Removing A Colour Cast

BEFORE pizzas with orange yellow colour cast

Having been inspired by a couple of pizza recipes on MasterChef, the results were worth a photo but alas under the halogen downlights (2,700–3,300 K) there was a strong orange colour cast. These downlights have a much lower colour temperature (those K numbers) than daylight (5,500–6,000 K). You can of course use the white balance setting in your camera and set it to artificial or tungsten.colour bias However I was hungry and just took the photos as they were. Not to worry most photo editing software will have the ability to make an adjustment for such colour bias as a post process. In picasa there is the nifty Neutral Colour Picker tool under the tuning tab. Click on the little eye Pizza Biancadropper and them click on something in your images that you want to be white or a neutral grey tone. There is part of a cook book on the left hand side so I use that, and instantly the colour bias is removed although I also used both the fill light and highlight sliders to lighten the image a bit. An appetizing pizza bianca recorded for posterity!

AFTER : Neutral color picker adjustment in picasa, now more appetizing?

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