Friday, January 01, 2010

Not good enough. still

The geotagging ability in Flickr, imagewhich uses Yahoo! maps, still disappoints me, almost two years on. The satellite coverage for the places I go in Australia is to put it mildly unusably imprecise. At any decent scale to recognise local features (like a major river!) in the Satellite View, you just get the message “sorry  the data you have requested is unavailable”. You can get more detail from the MAP View, but where is that river?

Mossman River at Mossman
Don’t despair, you can get more accurate locations by geocoding in google earth first (easy if you have picasa) or use the still wonderful loc.alize.this browser add-in/bookmarklet.

I’m just grumbling because in a new year “almost resolution” way I had decided to geotag my already uploaded flickr photos. Now I just feel frustrated again and I’ve given up the idea.
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