Thursday, January 07, 2010

Patterson Panorama

Patterson Panorama, originally uploaded by imageo.
These where part of a set of 12 photos taken from the public walkway at Patterson Lakes. What interested me most was the dramatic sky (no polarizing filter was used by the way) and thought oit would work well with the collagy/fragmented panorama effect. At first I tried hard to keep the horizon essentially level, but in the end I felt the higgledy piggledy twist & tilts added a bit of drama. This was created to be a screen wallpaper for my laptop. I used picasa, using their picture pile collage option, which now lets you slide and rotated images on the screen. I also removed almost half the images from the original series.

Not that the more conventional autostitched panorama is not without drama. Click your mouse on the seadragon panel above and you can zoom in (with the mouse wheel or the + button) and pan around. It is a 180 degree view, and taken hand held, at approximnately 15 degree incriments, which I find give be the right sort of overlap for autostich.
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