Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunset Gull

Set of 9 photos taken in sequence in multi-shot mode I often set my camera to multi-shot mode (on most digital cameras this is the setting marked with the three open overlapping squares, and may be called continuous mode or burst mode) when I notice I have the opportunity to capture birds in flight. This gull was some distance away and with no time to change to my long lens he ended up tiny. To complicate things his flight path meant I was pointing directly at the sun, but luckily I had my polarizing filter in place to avoid a total wash out

Still the individual images were interesting, both in composition and colour and I figured it would be worthwhile seeing what autostitch could make of the set (see also capturing the glide). To my surprise it created a decent image, a time lapse style capture. Instead of nude descending the stairs it is gull into the sunset. The slight halo effect appears to be an artifact of the splicing process by I think it adds to the image.

Time lapse sunset gull

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