Saturday, May 24, 2008

Capturing the glide

Whilst I have made multi-image montages of birds in flight before, i have found trying to use tools like autostitch, a little hit and miss, mainly because it is seldom that I have enough overlap for such automatic software to make seamless joins. So I have had to resort to more manual techniques.


The three photos I took (show above) of a pacific gull landing on the beach, had enough surrounding detail to try out autostitch and it did find joins for the last two PAACIFIC GuLL PANO (1)-2images and it is beautifully seamless. However autostitch refused to add in the first image, despite all my attempts twiddling with the overlap settings.

I was therefore very surprised at how beautifully the windows Live Gallery make/panorama tool worked. i guess the only problem was the shift in the overlap because i was panning up as I was also panning horizontally. So I decided to make a feature of these joins, in the stepping black "matte".

Pacific Gull Glide (1)-3

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