Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It is written

I have been photographing the interesting patterns of life, shell trails, as below, crab balls and diggings, footprints, etc on the sand for some time. I don’t don’t how to read their hidden message, when the next tide is, or is the swell dropping, or is a big flood likely, or is it just dinner time. Or is there even a message there at all?



I am finally succumbing to watermarks on my images uploaded to the net. I know a lot of folk hate them but there is just so much open theft and disregard of the rights of those posting on the net. I once championed the idea of the creative commons system that was adopted on flickr. Now I see the same images reposted so often I’m saddened. The copyright doesn’t mean I wont give permission to use and repost my work, but please write to me first. There are lots of utilities to add watermarks to your photos, many free and it is a common feature in photo mangers. I’m using the new feature to add a watermark included at the bottom of the file export in Picasa 3.0. It is simple and unobtrusive.

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