Monday, July 28, 2008

You can't help it

It is just natural that when you are photographing something to set the subject slap-bang in the middle of the picture. The problem is that this will make for a bland, dull, predictable results, the same sort of snap everyone else takes. I have eluded to the importance of composition as the big differentiator of interestingness in photographs. So here are a couple of  "tricks" that can help make your photos look professional.

Offset the Center of Interest

 Standard ShotMore Dynamic Composition?

This should produce a more dynamic composition instantly. Placing the horizon in a landscape can be a classic example of this. Having the horizon close to the centre divides the image into two balanced parts, albeit a bit static.

Standard`Shotlower horizon lifts interest?

The Rule of Thirds

This rule is often presented as gospel and trotted out as the main composition guide in many beginners guide to photography. All you need to do is imagine that the photo is divided into 9 equal panels, by division into thirds horizontally and vertically. Then Placing the subject at the intersections of one of the vertical and horizontal lines.

Standard ShotApplying the rule of thirds & cropping

Don't stress this a good guide but not a rigid rule!

Move in closer

Standard ShotZoomed in closer & cropped

Filling the frame, even at the expense of trimming off some parts of the subject, is a simple way to generate more impact. Sometimes this may mean moving closer, zooming or swapping to a telephoto lens. But be careful in close ups you must remember about depth of field (focus) can be very limited.

So next time as well as taking your standard shots be brave a n experiment with the composition in the view finder, you will be surprised how it will bring variety and interest to your photos.

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