Wednesday, July 02, 2008

capturing colour

Test Subject in direct sunlight

Don't be surprised if you have been disappointed capturing specific colours with your camera. The truth is that cameras do have different colour sensitivity. Most digital camera use a bayer filter to separate the colours into pixels and this has twice as many green sensors as red and blue sensor in an attempt to mimic the human eyes greater sensitivity to colour and especially greens.

Worse the colour sensitivity changes with the intensity of the light and that is before you even start to worry about the colour temperature of the light source. The set below were taken with 1.50EV braketting of the same subject but in indirect light.

EV +1.5 EV 0.0EV -1.50

The light meter can also be biassed by the background colour which further complicates the colour sensitivity.

with a neutral background with yellow background

with rich ed background with dark green background

So don't be discouraged check in the viewfinder, change the exposure (or even used bracketing) and try changing  the background if you can.

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