Sunday, July 06, 2008

QRious'r & QRious'r

qrious site

I am finding all the hype by telstra about "their" QRious codes just a bit hard to stomach. I like the idea of these QR codes and have posted about them last year. Despite what telecom implies they are very late adopters of the technology, not creators of it. You don't even havQrious mobilese to buy a new phone (or sign up for an outrageous contract). Ok these new 3G phones will have QR reader built in, but if your phone has a camera and web access you probably are ready to go. You just need to download some software. If you are with Telstra, and are happy with them  you can type in the tediously long on your phone's web browser and if your phone model fits there current limitations, it will be delivered to your phone. Alternative there are free sites that provide generic downloadable readers, like i-nigma & Kaywa. [Also Quickmark, see deans collin's comments on this blog, he obviously has an interest in marketing qr codes.]

One final item you should consider is reviewing/including a mobile data plan onto your phone to avoid the outrageously high charge that most service providers charge on adhoc data usage, because the websites ,the QR codes connect you to, might put a heavy dataload onto your phone (eg downloading movie previews etc.)

The world of physical hyperlinks, or hardlinking, could totally reform how you use your phone and the web.

Thanks also to wolfcat, a twitter friend, for the heads up on this issue

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