Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Colour Management

I have not directly posted anything on colour management, nIMGP2553ot  because I don't believe it is important, it certainly is one of if not the most important part of digital photography. It is that managing and matching colours across the whole photography process is complex and there isn't a simple "one click" solution. On that topic I have to come clean and admit that I do not use photoshop, so I am not a disciple of sRGB or adobe RGB or other acronyms or the adobe work flow, but that can wait to another post.

The problems of colours matching is firstly related to IMGP9448the variable sensitivity to light of different wavelengths (what we see as different colour) and also the ability to render that range of intensity either on a screen or printing the image on paper. These are technological limits and they change as the various pieces of hardware are improved. To complicate all this our eyes and brain have very good discrimination in how they process and discern certain colours. So I will try to make sense of three import topics over the coming weeks

  1. Capturing colour in the camera
  2. Better matching colours on your monitor and printer
  3. Getting the colours you want from a photo processing serviceIMGP1941

I have found that Norman Koren's site does give a good overview (albeit very technical) if you want colour management information now!

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