Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Play me a song - about the future

pubcamp melbourne
Play me a song, originally uploaded by wolfcat_aus.

I went along to pubcamp in melbourne yesterday, looking at where Web 2.0 might go next and was clearly the oldest bloke in the audience (fortunately richard walsh was involved in the debate so I was not the oldest overall)
The real timetracking of twitter hasshtags was impressive, and I guess the general consensus was content is king, but it is "hard to make a buck" (Stephen Mayne) and the advertising networks have the money in their pockets already.

So where does that leave the humble content creator? Do you sell your soul to google (yahoo! etc) or can you keep your digital rights and expect a a tiny bit of value to flow back to the content creator. Or is the general perception going to remain, if its on the net, its free to copy (and reuse).

If you want to know more ben barren's blog is much more eloquent than mine.

Special applause to Jed White for organizing the event.

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