Tuesday, January 08, 2008

PhotoProject:: getting rid of the ghosts (almost)

raw image after autostitching
This autostiched panorama was taken on the point smythe beach walk for the "summer by the sea 2008" program for coast action/coast care. Unfortunately sone of the figures are ghosts because they moved between exposures, Not something I could really do much about at the time, or even less about now. However there are wonderful tools available to do photo manipulations these days. I have not written about them much because I tend not to use them. An exception and a great tool, is the clone tool. Here am using the clone tool in corel paint. Not all free or "packaged with camera" software has this feature but the free to download paint.net does have a great version of this tool, if you want to try one out. Basically the clone tool allows you to copy another small part of the photo over the top of something your want to remove. This preserves the "texture" of the local area on your photo surface and genrally does a great job of concealing things. I also used cloning to get rid of a couple of pesky dust dots in the sky. The one problem I had to compromise were the heavily ghosted two figures in the middle, without them the composition was weakened, so these two ghost got to stay.
after cleaning with cloning tool
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