Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Enjoying the warmth of the sunset

-0.5 EV 0 EV +0.5 EV
It is really clear to me that the HDR techniques (performed here with Dynamic Photo) are ideal for taking "better" (in that they will look more closely like the lighting at the time) in low light, especially at sunrise and sunset, and the half light of artificially lights. In this example I took just three photos using the bracketing feature on my camera at 0.5 EV intervals (shown above).

image I also used tone adjustment (via Windows Live Photo Gallery) to "stretch" inner section of the exposure captured in the center image above(the no EV adjusted image) as a comparison. The image is still a striking sunset, but harsh, it has as very strong contrast and the colours slightly shifted, not as warm or natural.
Tone adjusted
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