Tuesday, January 22, 2008

mucking around with mosaics

I have been doing a lot of "playing" with photo mosaics, specifically the ones that make up another image. My software of choice has been andrea mosaic for a long long time. It is free to download, and gives you a lot of control over, as well as the tools to build the library of tile images you use. To be fair its user interface is old fashioned text forms, but perfectly servicable.

Blue_eye poster (created with andera mosaic)

The past couple of weeks I have been trying out mosaic creator, it has a much snazzier user interface (it may not be any easier to use though) and has two important differences to andrea

  1. it can generate an image using a range of tile shapes (eg triangle and hexagons)
  2. It does not need to firstly compile libraries of tile images (you can give it individual images or directories of images)

This second feature got me thinking, I could use a standard iBlue_eyes logo mage and get a photomosaic made from any given day's photos (providing I had taken enough photos). Here is how a few of the different day tilings worked out on my photo eye icon.


rectangular 20-jan-2008 rectangular 19-jan-2008

honeycomb 22-nov-2007 hexagon 23-dec-2007

rectangles oct-2007 (includes screen captures) open grid mesh 18-dec-2007

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