Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Uploading on the go

A few posts back I mentioned, backup your photos, to an on-line storage as you travel, there are now lots of ways to do this and moblogs is a fairly neat one for mobile phones. Sure any phone with a camera probably comes with some software to upload the images to your PC, then you have to email them or prepare a blog post, its all a hassle and kind of two hard. With moblogs you can send the pictures, video and text in an MMS format, just like you send your friends now, but know you are sharing with the world. If you are contemplating making a visual travel diary of your next trip, check it out. Best part is Mum, Dad, aunty Jean and Grandma can also become members and print out or download their favorites photos, before you get home.

Mobile Phone portal for Flickr Flickr also has some neat facilities, for uploading photos on the go. First they have a mobile phone oriented web portal, which is text oriented and cuts the bandwidth drain. It does let you use the web interface to upload from your cameraphone, but there is a better way. Flickr automatically generates an "private" email address, to which you can send photos and they will be automatically added into your photostream. You can also have the text and photo forwarded onto your blog (on a variety of common blogging system, including blogger, and live journal)

Photobucket, norma; web portal Photobucket, also has a similar "private" email service and the ability to share your albums into myspace and facebook as well as popular blogging sites.

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