Friday, October 26, 2007

Plastic Bottles :: the new menace

IMGP7245 Not long ago it was plastic bags that where choking the inland waterways. I get the impression things have changed for the better, with noticeably less shredded bags around now. However I was walking along the lower reaches of the Tarwin river, looking for erosion\flood damage associated with kings tides. There in the flood debris I was very surprised to find how many plastic bottles have taken up residence (maybe it because they float, glass ones would sink). Seams the littering habit is still alive!

  IMGP7247 IMGP7246IMGP7252-1

IMGP7249  IMGP7248 IMGP7108-2

 IMGP7233-1 IMGP7250 IMGP7234-1

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