Thursday, October 18, 2007

Modern Photo Shoebox :: Digital Camera to CD

Some of the media my images may pass through on the way to CD

Back in the days of film, or even slides, photos that didn't make it into an album, or frame, disappeared into a shoebox. there was seldom any order or logic, negatives, prints and maybe if your were lucky a few notes might be penciled on the back. Well its not a lot different with digital pictures only the shoebox is now a CD, or set of CDs (maybe even a DVD) and probably they are no better organized than the old shoe box

So I thought it might be interesting discussing the various ways you can build and collate your collection of digital images, both with and without a plan to keep them organized. 


As I go I will update links from here to related stories, but you can also just watch the blog for them to appear in no particular order.
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