Friday, December 22, 2006

why not label your memory cards?

As you will see in my next post, there is probably a good reason to "electronically" label your digital gear, such as cameras, ipods and mobile phones. The easiest way with most devices will be to label the memory card they use. I'm most cases this card can be read (and written too) by placing it in an appropriate card reader. In a few case you may just have to transfer the READ.ME file over a USB connection (or infrared, or bluetooth, or whatever!)

Just use any text editor to create a very simple (and small file) like this one, with your details. Then copy it to the top level directory on the card(s) so that anyone reading that card will see it. I think READ.ME is a good name but OWNER.TXT or anything similar will do. Its all about increasing the chance of your gear being returned if it is lost, or stolen (or given away)
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