Friday, December 22, 2006

last seen being given away

This is a photo of my last mobile phone. It was given away to someone else by the security staff at large Australian Airport. I have thought a lot about whether I should disclose this in my blog but given that it is the second instance in 6 months and the letter I received from the airline after reporting it (see below), I feel the public (well the blogsphere aware part of the public) deserves to know. Basically the airport security area was busy and I diligently took my notebook computer out of its carry bag and put in the special plastic bin provided. Sending both into the Xray machine. Then I remembered my wallet, glasses and phone, so under the suggestion of one of the security staff I put them in my coat pocket and sent the coat through the Xray. On the other side was turmoil so I got my things and moved to a spare bit of table space to repack the computer. It was then I noticed my wallet and glasses where in my coat but not my phone. I looked at the rollers behind the Xray, the floor, nearby tables and immediately reported it to nearby security staff. Well the search is a long story, they did ring the phone and there was no answer just my message bank. So I reported the loss to the airline and about a week later I discovered that everything was on security film. My phone had fallen out when I picked up my coat, one of the security staff had seen it picked it up and given it to someone else (in good faith I am sure). Thats it, its gone and was not returned.

A very similar incident had happened to me earlier, as I was transfer to an international flight at another Australian airport. A congested Xray machine again and as I waited for my computer to come out I saw a security person pick up my camera bag and dash off down the concourse after someone else trying to give my camera bag and camera to them. After a decent sprit myself I did recover it and luckily find other security where looking after my computer, so nothing was lost.

The moral: Watch over your valuable at the airport security. The attendants are likely to give your valuables away.

What really disappointed me about this was the letter from the airline supposedly to help me claim the phone on travel insurance. Right at the end is the disclaimer "It should not be considered as an admission of liability by "--name withheld---"* to you or any person acting on your behalf"

(* I don't want to be sued)
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