Sunday, December 03, 2006

Camera finder on flickr

I have avoided writing about specific cameras, and most specifically about buying a digital camera. Not because I don't want to, not that i don't get asked (it is the most common question after "do you have photoshop?") it because i am more than suspicious about the camera reviews. They only seem to talk of special features and statistics that have little relevance to the final photo image. what I think is important is what to other people used and what to the photos they get look like. Well flickr now has a great resource called the "most popular cameras on flickr". Apart from the obvious fact it selects a nikon (nikon now sponsor flickr, see their logo on the main login page) which infact is not the most popular camera(if you scroll down you will see at the time I wrote this it was Cannon's EOS digital rebel). Popularity is measured directly by number of contributing members uploading photos using that camera. The details are taken from the EXIF information in your file header.

The good bit is; if you are interested in a particular camera or want to compare cameras you can see the photos other have taken under a range of categories. it allows you to good and look at what other people used. There are also links to reviews and price comparisons if you want that sort of stuff.

It also has reserve links from flickr's more properties screen, this is where you can see the EXIF data, of any photo back to the appropriate camera finder page for the camera used.

This is actually a great resource, for those who want to make up their own mind and not just depend on potential biassed reviews.
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