Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Goodbye Hello

Seems I'm a late try out going over to blogger beta (which I like by the way), BUT now I have just discovered that bloggerbot in hello can not log into the new blogger beta.

Not such a big deal, I seldom used hello anymore to upload photos to blogger (I used the direct upload most, followed by links from flickr or photobucket). It was just that I was going to do some screen captures and multiple images in one blog, something bloggerbot could do easily. WELL NOT ANY MORE because hello doesn't want to talk with blogger beta. This is a bit strange since picasa and blogger are both google products now. I know I''ll go and look on the google groups forum on the topic, YEAP lots of folk have discovered this already. HANGON you can not add to the post because it is more than 60 days old! Ok I might be late but I did want at least say goodbye to hello

You can easily remove hello from you picasa world using the tools/configure buttons.. option from picasa's main menu
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