Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Scout & Egosurfing

If you are flickr member you might like to use one of fd's flickr toys called scout. It bills itself as the quickest way to see if you are listed among the 500 photos choosen each day to be used for the flickr explore page. Better still it will make the photos it finds into a neat poster. It is fun, if you overlook the fact that it is really designed to be just another way to egosurf!
My photos that have made it into Flickr Explore (500 photos per day)
1. Tribute to Steve Irwin (low isles), 2. P3290095 (look at the reflection lower left), 3. Always look on the bright side..., 4. 27-mar_04, 5. P5233079

another way to egosurf
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