Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A road less travelled

The splash of the flame tree entices you around the corner
Each day i travel along the old Kenyasi to Ntotoroso Road, passing through some relatively undisturbed forrest, some old cocoa farms, the occassional splashes of red from the flame trees and lots of elephant grass.
As the Harmatta finishes The wet season begins
Taking photos isn't easy, because the light is low and the windscreen usually wet and splatter with mud, yet the moody silhouettes of the trees are well worth the attempts to take a few shoots. I use multi-shoot mode to make sure that I can minimise the time delay between shoots, things happen fast when photographying from a vehicle, even when you are seldom travelling faster than 50kmh.
Remnant of the ancient forests or an old shady tree
passed endless clumps of elephant grass And out onto the more open farmlands
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