Thursday, March 23, 2006

Photobucket revisted

The main photo album link as seen in photobuckt
I often find myself way out on the tenuous end of a low bandwidth part of the net where FTP uploads are unknown and any that sounds large (eg a photo) is forbidden,

So how to keep posting to the net?

I have in the recent past used the email to flickr feature that will also then forward your email and image as a blog post. Alas this email to flickr seems to be down at the moment, not even loading the photo into my flickr photostream.

Plan B, in the past I used Photobucket because it allows an old fashion browse and upload, multi-ple uploads even. It also gives you a variety of prewritten tags & HTML snippets to cut and paste into your blog or forum boards. This can save a lot of tedium. When I logged in this time I discovered photobucket now has its own blog post feature, which is nice and easy to use (even in low bandwidth locations it didn't time out).

The post below was sent in using it. The only downside was the default HTML makes the image too wide for my blog page (i had to edit in a width= argumenet to the html) AND it doesn't set up a click through link to a higher resolution image. One feature I think is pretty much a necessity for a photo bog! So is you want to see the larger version of that photo below click here

Oh and I forgot to say the basic sign up for photobucket is free, so there are banner ads. (not those annoying drop down ones, that any traveler will warn you always kill even the best connection in a remote cyber cafe)
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