Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dimming the Lights

Today's big event, photographically speaking, was an eclipse. Whilst it was a total eclipse at Accra, it was only a very quick partial eclipse here at Kenyasi, a bit of a non event. I had planned to go to a spot and take photos at regular intervals but the wonders of my camera's own light meter (it strives very hard to get all shots exposed perfectly, and the same!) and fairly small changes in lighting anyway, conspired to make the differences very subtle.

If you care to move your mouse across the images, you will see the time they were taken. The period 9:10 to 9;12 was darker, and thats about all that was noticeable on the ground.
9:06AM UTM 9:09AM UTM 9:10AM UTM
9:11AM UTM 9:12AM UTM 9:13AM UTM
[geotagged geo:lat=7.052558° geo:lon=-2.23201°]

See also my Eclipse in Ghana PhotSet on flickr
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