Sunday, April 10, 2005

Using In-fill Flash

Strongly lighting contrast on your subject is something that most digital cameras find very hard to correctly expose. A lot depends on the type of light metering you have in your camera, some use spot metering, other center weighted, there are lots of methods. They all the adjust the average exposure to get that light reading to become a mid tone. When your light is very contrasty to may end up with black silhouettes and/or totally waste out detail in the highlights

Renata in the backlighting

Since I knew this strongly backlit view would sufferer from such a problem I turned on my flash. My Olympus has a Slow flash setting. It works like the back curtain/shutter mode setting you can get on some up market SLR camera. The picture is exposed normally then just before the shutter is close a single flash burst illuminates the subject. Without the flash renata might have been a black cut-out, rather than an angel.
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