Thursday, April 14, 2005

Net based photo sharing

I did follow up the comparison in wired magazine in the link to Thomas Hawk's blog last sunday (ie look below) It compared smugmug, a conventional looking photo sharing service, that would have cost me money to investigate so I didn't, with flickr.

I instantly liked flikr, from the intro "this isn't your grandfather's photo sharing site". To me it nicely differentiates this site from the first generation of awkward photo sharing sites and the very tolerant user base they have appealed too. Flickr does seem different and nice for photographers, for example being able to store and see rthe EXIF data( EXIF stands for EXchangeable Image Format and is information such as exposure seedings that is embedded by most modern digital cameras into jpeg format files), there is good contol of privacy & public accessability, some nice blog friendly features and some easy to setup phone camera stuff.

They offer a free trial account so I'm going to investigate it as a simple way to fix up all the broken links way back in my blog. This occured when XPPhoto turned off their free accounts. I'll keep you posted

PS Their flickr blog is a good example of what I was staying about authority and up to date relevance on the Net in my post last week. It has hints and some pretty inspirational photos so worth a look
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