Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Flickr’s embed and sharing simplified but improved

Example flickr share screenThe ongoing upgrade to flickr’s user interface drop the old tools to for instance embedded a link and photo in blogger. there where a few good formatting features in the old approach although it was difficult to figure out where to find the formatting setup (it was in account setting). The new sharing tab is quiet simple you can save a link (the url to the image), embedded (a snippet of HTML code) or email photos (via flickr mail).

The options for embedding now include adding a header and/or footer and controls of embedded size (very You Tube like). You can now share albums, which I can not remember being able to do with a photo display before. Now you get a wonderful yett simple click through slide show.

The Secret Life of Trees

It is not fair to accuse photographers of "not seeing the forest for the trees" since trees alone are seldom the subjects for photographers. My Secret Life of Trees Album is different

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