Wednesday, September 02, 2015

New Google+ Logo

GooglePlus-logos-02 (1)I haven’t totally given up on google photos or google+, just yet, and I wanted to report in my blog that google+ had a new logo. I could get a url link easily enough but not am image that I could share. I’ve had to download the image, use to fix an uncooperative transparent background and seek the assistance of Window's Live Writer to display it. All of which just really conforms that google+ (and google photo) are not really the place to share with the world ( Thus I prefer using flickr at the moment).

I must admit I seldom visit google+ anymore. It doesn’t show many post by people in my circle (perhaps they have stopped posting), just lots of other stuff that doesn’t interest me much. My blogger post are still often cross posted into google+, This only seems to be when I post or edit a post via the web interface of blogger. Such posting does bring extra views reported to my blog analytics (well according to google, but I am suspicious it just means it has been displayed on someone google+ stream, not they have read my blog). I am continuing with google photos BUT …
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