Friday, February 04, 2005

sunset 7 minutes ago (nearly)

I have just taken a few shots of the sunset, which was quiet spectacular here in Melbourne, after a couple of very wet days. My plan was to see how fast I could get the photos published in the net, using picasa and hello. Well they performed beautifully I had loaded my photos from memory card and had selected two of the better shots which I wanted to edit a little. Then I pressed the blogger button, and selected the images and typed in the captions. All in less than seven minutes.

Then I watched the message "Uploading image (this may take a few seconds)"
It took 5 minutes! Still it shows time to publish on the net is now, virtually no time at all. Finally a couple of minutes to edit this text and its still not dark yet.

This photo was "straightened" (rotated to horizontal)

I cropped this photo

Now to remember, is a red sky at night really a delight, not a warning!
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