Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Passing Landscape

Taking a photo from a moving car, is in generally not recomended. Especially with a compact or digital cameras because of their "delay" (the time taken to meter the light and get autofocused). By the time you press the button and wait the image you wanted to capture is 100 meters or so behind you. As you probably realise I like the challenge to break all those "well meaning" rules in the introduction to taking good photos guides & booklets. So here are a few photos I have taken from a moving car.

I was after the wide open spaces feels so I have cropped the photos above in a more panoramic aspect.

When you moving in relation to a subject, it frequently helps to pan the camera and follow your main subject (as in the group of trees in the distance). The part of captured image close to you may be a little blured or out of focus, but the subject should be nice and clear. I've also kept the horizon low in the frame again to enhance the feeling of open space.
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