Wednesday, May 31, 2017

And now for the BAD news

Bad GoogleUnfortunately google is abandoning yet another photo product popular with users. Effective immediately they have formally notified that they no plans to updated (and support) the Nik software collection.image

If you are a keen photographer, take RAW format photos and already have photoshop or lightroom, but don’t have the Nik software plug-ins yet, don’t delay download them now, they are free. They are popular because they are good.

I, like petapixel, once hoped that google supposedly an open source advocate, might make picasa, snap seed and the Nik tools open source and let keen users and photographers expand them. My cynical side feels google are squandering a lot of good photographic tools and abandoning the desktop/laptop/webapps space altogether to concentrate on capturing the mobile phone look-at-me-too eye’s (or their phone photo substitutes for seeing).

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