Sunday, September 04, 2016

PhotoProject :: Seeing More

This is my second project on seeing.
This time the task is it pick something photographed before and re-photograph it from a different perspective, that could be up close, a significantly different perspective as from above, using a different camera, or your phone, or ipad, use  different lens, wide angle or telephoto, make the subject out off focus, under expose or over expose, find a simple geometry as a composition … take between 10-20 variations.
Seeing more1
I’ve taken this bowl of artificial flowers a couple of times already this year, mainly because of the lighting and shadows. So I’m trying to avoid repeating this and not follow this to closely, but still see flowers and colour as well as some geometrical views of the pot to make interesting composition. Take at least 10 and then compare them as thumbnails. The one experiment I do like most was the close up free lensing (taking the photo with the lens unattached), top left.
The secret here is to forget the subject or more specifically the name of the object, and look for interesting details and perspectives.   This photo might normally be a reject because the strong vignetting at the top (a natural consequence of the lens detached and slightly tilted, yet in this photo is helps define a more abstract composition. Whilst still a recognizable flower it is the folds and colour that are what you first see. The objective here is to see something new and original.
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