Thursday, September 15, 2016

A nifty way to store cables

The USB interface has revolutionised the way and number of devices you can connect to your computer (and android phones, cameras and widows computer, Simple Cable Box for under $2the apple-verse is catching up but they have an even more complex range of cables to manage). The downside is all those cables, lots of similar ones.  Storing them often lead to jumbled mess of cables and it often took time to find the end you needed.


Whilst buying some hardware supplies I chance upon some cheap plastic storage boxes (under $2 each), with removable sliders. I originally visualised them storing longer screws and or bolts. However, when I put it on the side table beside the cables the electric globe of inspiration came on. Now I have my cables back in my desk draw but now I can quickly find the cable I need and don’t have to untangle anything. Also I have an extra SD card reader in the box as well as another one in my camera bag.

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