Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another Misdemeanour

lightroom is being a bad girl (again)The mysterious disappearance of of images posted on flickr & then syndicated elsewhere (like blogger and google+) was a real puzzle. It didn’t happened to all images, in fact it only happened to a few and the timing of the disappearances was hard to comprehend. I must admit with all the other funnies associated with the changes associated with google dropping the + from their photo offering, I had subconsciously blamed them.

Turns out it was another Miss, a misdemeanour by a lady that can’t handle it when she’s not in control. It was lightroom, and her being very diligent she had updated some of the photos I wanted uploaded to flickr via her Publishing Services. However because she still believes I have a free account, she performed the update by first deleting the old image and re-uploading the photo again (effectively as a new photo). Hence the links I had previously used to post elsewhere  where broken. So why was she updating photos I hadn’t reprocessed? Well it started with another program (like Aftershot or Perfect Photo) storing some new metadata (in a xmp sidecare file). This alone was not enough to start the sequence leading to deletion. I had to do two other things. Click on the message that some of the metadata didn’t match the current library (ie the xmp file was read and lightrooms catalogue update), But the automated deletion didn’t start until I set up a different photo or multiple photos on publishing services to go to flickr. Behind the obvious the photo with the “new” metadata would be deleted and updated.

I’m not happy and lightroom she gets another stern warning. Specifically she is not allowed near flickr any more. Which is a pity I did like the idea of her publish service. My search for a decent POSSE solution continues…

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