Thursday, July 16, 2015

An even better Flickr Publishing Service

imageI should not have lamented loosing a nice automated publishing to flickr service via lightroom, because I actually had something better already within the new Flickr Uploadr. Previously I harshly criticised this as yet another file vacuum cleaner. However it was very easy to transform this into a useful publishing service.

After downloading the new Flickr Uploadr, I firstly deselected all the standard directories that were set up. This will avoid the vacuum cleaner effect trying to upload all your photos and graphics. I am running a network of computers so I only wanted to set this up in one place and so on a network drive located on my desktop computer but shared with all my computers on the LAN. This directory should have a unique but easy to remember name. Once created the next step is to add this directory to the Flickr Uploadr list, by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom of imagethe upload to cloud window. Once this is defined and the flickr uploadr is running then any file copied to this directory will then be automatically uploaded to flickr. I can copy photos there from any computer on my network. Once uploaded these photos can be deleted without risk of changing or deleting the file uploaded.

The only downside I’ve found so far is uploading in this fashion only loads the file as private. So you will need to log into flickr later and change the viewing setting (ie click on the lock icon) if you want the photo to be displayed publically (which is probably why you want it loaded anyway.

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