Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More on Collection Photo Reference & Even More Sketching

I like the idea of the 50 50 rule, where it recommends you only spend 50% of the time getting the intended (or standard “postcard”) view and then go onto the next 50% of the time looking for something a little more create. Chances are if you are looking for reference material for your art this will be easy, zoom in look for texture, zoom out and take a number of different compositions, walk into the scene and get close to the subject. Turn around and take what is behind you. The 50 50 rule approach shouldn’t finish there, when you are loading the reference art into a collection of album (probably but not necessarily on a computer) don’t just flag the best image(s) for post processing, flag a few for creative post processing (perhaps at some later date)
sketch 1 pano big copyIMAG1088 copysketch 2 pano big copy
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