Friday, January 17, 2014

HDR before breakfast

collage of the bracketted exposure as unaltered jpegI had gotten up early to photograph the dawn, which wasn’t as interesting as the moment of pre-dawn. A flush of pastels shades as the sky began to light up but the foreground was still dark (the street lights are still one. However this is a classic situation where any camera has a lot of difficulty capturing the range of light intensity. The sky can easily be bleached out (ruining the pastel tones and the foreground in deep dark shadow. Yet being there, I could remember see a lot more detail is visible, In the past I have used EV bracketing as a safety fall back to get some detail. However with HDR and/or processing RAW file tweak I can usually get close to the dynamic range I felt I has seen.
tweaked RAW image using After Shot proWell today google+ Auto backup beat me by a long way. I had just begun loading my card and going off to get a light breakfast of mango and coffee. When I got back (not long really) my photos where not only in picasa on my laptop they had made it onto google+ backup and only a short time later the little message you have auto awesomes waiting. What a surprise (see below) but maybe it has overdone the lightening the shadows.

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