Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Melbourne Photo Book Club

We have a badge!The small but growing Melbourne Photo Book Club has made it through their first year. So congratulations all, I’m finding the actual physical aspects being able to hold, flick through and discuss the photography, feel the papers and compare the book formats with others is way more inspiring than isolated research on-line which normally gets drawn in shameless self promotion of basically the same old formats, products and social media sites.

The December meeting had a special arrival. The box of photobooks that had been circulating around other photobook clubs all over the world, had arrived, was opened and poured over by everyone. It was filled with great stuff, The variety of formats, styles and subjects was amazing, It is encouraging to see such creatives are attracted to photobooks and creating things in the physical world. As the On-line World and Social media are jostling to get more images on your screen in an ever-changing photostream (where many of the images are so much the same anyway) it is refreshing to hold a book, contemplate what you see and turn the page rather than gestural swipes on a piece of glass with no tactile response.
Phone Photo of the books being unpacked
Melbourne’s Photo Book club only meets bi-monthly on Tuesdays at the Monash Gallery of Art in the Cafe, watch the mga calendar for details
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