Sunday, December 08, 2013

Dark but not part of "Black Day" on flickr

after glow., originally uploaded by imageo.
This was an experiment of an upload directlty from photology into flickr, but on checking in, I was invited to try out the new interface format for the Photo Page in flickr. Ok its very dark, and organized differently but I wasn't too suprised and think I can live with it. However a lot of existing users are not happy and have organised a "Black Day" of protest. So expect to see a lot of black and non-photos in the flickr photostream today. Not that this is such a big deal because that is what you generally see as you wait for the next images to load as you scroll down  (ie lag displaying photos leaves black unfilled boxes for a while) anyway.

The one little problem I found is I can no longer do a Blog This to my defined blogs. Sharing to blogger now just gives a generic html link code to be cut and pasted into blogger, a bit of a retro-grade step. I had to swap back to the old version to post this.

All the other changes are leaving me and many others behind anyway, Why should this change have worried so many?
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