Thursday, February 21, 2013

So what’s in Creative Cloud?

I had signed up for a web presentation of adobe’s creative cloud, BUT I was late and got lost in the Facebook frontend (probably because I am not a facebook member) AND the twitter feed (#hashtag #createnow) was a bit incomprehensible. HOWEVER I am interested in the ideas of creative cloud, a kind of low-ish fee monthly rental that gives you access to the latest and greatest software, tools, and knowledge of how to use them. If you are a struggling creative type, or student, and can’t (or don’t want to) fork out the very larger sums of cash to access the adobe tools (they are particularly expensive here in Australia) then this service is likely to be of great relevance. In addition to providing all the adobe creative software aa downloadable apps (this give the impression you are running them in “the cloud” but in reality you are downloading the applications and running them on your PC or MAC you don’t have to be on-line to use them) you also get 20GB of cloud storage, and access to a broad range of tutorial. If you can visualise an amazing project you should be able to get it up and working in a fraction of the time it might have taken before and better still you will only have had to pay for a few monthly rentals fees. I think this is pretty brave, but sensible, marketing from adobe.

So far this podcast from TV.Adobe is the best summary for a new potential user of what creative cloud is and how you might use it and getting started.

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