Sunday, February 03, 2013

PhotoFriday :: My Environment

my studio pano adjust-002

Indoor multi-image panorama of my studio, aka my (creative) environment

I was inspired to take this photo, because I am currently reading “A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney” by Martin Gayford and in the Chapter on Photography and drawing David Hockney points out ”…you can;t photograph the interior and get the outside as well” (one will be in silhouette and/or the other blown out. “yet … every serious photo collection … will have a group from about 1860 that show elaborate interiors with exterior views through windows”  “ effect, these were made from several negatives – so in a way they are collages”

My plan was to light this like a movie set using spot lights and a desk lamp to bring up the interior and then just use multiple exposure, automatically chosen  by my camera, for each exposure. I held my camera vertically and zoomed in a little, to get 8 vertical exposures. I then ran them into autostich (without any exposure compensation. cropping etc). Having everything so close the parallax issues did create some artefacts (see angular mismatch in the vertical binds) which I am happy to leave unedited. Admittedly I did have to use a localised brush to “lighten and saturate” some of the view through a fly screen on the upper right of the window. Just to balance the exposures into the garden.. Whilst the joining has created a distorted perspective. I suspect Hackney himself would be the first to suggest that this actually makes the image more real and a more intimate look at my messy and yet creative environment. I guess the big question is would the purist think this is still a photo?

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