Sunday, November 25, 2012

Instagram Workshop :: Lesson 2

picasa collage - bollywood dance lesson
This was probably an incidental side lesson, but misho’s approach to adding text captions onto a series definitely helps viewers see the actual story behind his photos (see #wvaindia in Misho’s instagram photostream). This inspired me to think about using a series of photos to tell a story. Here I am using a panorama format to tell two stories of the day. Above is a time series collage of a lesson in Bollywood style dancing. Below is an "interactive" panorama of a multi-image sequence telling a few glimpses of the story of people taking in different aspects of art in the park (click to view and use your mouse to navigate around or click on the play triangle to see a 3D-like slideshow

Who says a photographer shouldn’t be a story teller?
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