Friday, September 07, 2012

PhotoProject :: Self Reference, Self Portrait 3 CameraPhones

self reference camerphone selfportrait taken using three camera phones
This self referencing attempt was more challenging than I have envisage, and less successful than I hoped. Primarily because of the degeneration of the image on the phone screen as it was photographed by the next phone. I’m still not sure if this is a limit with the marco capabilities of the phones or the difficulty they have focusing on the image on an LCD screen (my preferred explanation). The exercise also highlights how differently each phone handles white balance (seen as colour cast shift between screens).

So here is a semigraphic storyboard of how it was done
Noika 6120 Classic IMGP1575 My old Noika did not actually take this image but it was very much part of the original self-portrait
HTC Wildfire (Android Phone) 2012-09-04_16-08-12 My Android Wildfire was then used to take a photo of the Nokia, with the original self-portrait displayed
iPhone 3G IMG_0253 A borrowed IPhone was then used to photograph the Wildfire with the photo it had just taken.

I must admit I had immense troubles getting the iPhone to focus
Pentax 20D IMGP6006 All I I had to do to finish was use my Pentax to photograph the iPhone.

Simple really.
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